Chicago Air Conditioning Installation


Specializing in residential and commercial air conditioner installation, Aircor Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc is dedicated to keeping our clients in Chicago, IL. No job is too big or small, and we deliver 100% customer satisfaction, monthly payment financing programs, air conditioning cooling replacement evaluation, and free quotes on new air conditioner replacement or new installation on every project. We offer a wide selection of air conditioner models at affordable prices.

So, 无论您需要为单个单位或整个办公大楼安装空调, 我们训练有素、经验丰富的技术人员和暖通uedbet娱乐平台顾问将提供快速, 高品质的uedbet快乐彩,你可以永远依赖Aircor空调和供暖, Inc.

Air Conditioner Replacement and Installation – 100% Customer Satisfaction

一个常规安装将只需要大约6到10个小时,可以安排与您的Aircor空调和供暖舒适顾问. 我们在Aircor空调和采暖将与您的时间表,并确保您的新空调安装工作的繁忙日程. We come prepared to service your home safely. For any installation, repair, 更换或升级我们将使用垂衣和鞋套来保护您的地毯和木地板. 此外,所有和任何碎片,我们创建的工作将被迅速清除.


After an air conditioner replacement installation, has been scheduled, our expert technicians come prepared to service your home safely and efficiently. For any AC repair service or AC unit replacement, we take care to protect your home and its contents, and a thorough clean-up process finishes the project with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. After the installation is complete, 我们对您的系统进行了完整的测试,以确保每个房间都达到您想要的舒适水平. We want to ensure that each room in your home is at the comfort level you desire. We will walk you through your new system, explaining proper maintenance and answering any questions you may have. 我们将在未来几周继续跟进,以确保您仍然满意我们安装的空调系统.

We also take the time to walk you through the details of your new system, including maintenance and any other questions that you may have. 我们也会在接下来的几周内跟进您的情况,以确保您对您的新空调设备完全满意

Take Advantage of Our Monthly Payment Financing Program

When an Air Conditioner repair is not enough to get your cooling, system running back in a reliable condition. That’s when it’s time to think about an Air Conditioner replacement从我们的一个高度评价的空调设备制造商的顶级HVAC设备. 现在是时候利用我们的每月付款选项,将有您享受凉爽的室内温度没有担心,当涉及到uedbet快乐彩选项为您的新空调.  无论是在60个月的uedbet快乐彩为你的新空调和冷却系统的总成本,还是选择代替18个月的无利息购买成本, we have the right financing options for everyone.

challenges, but we can also make those solutions easier to pay for. A new furnace and central air conditioning

unit is one of the most important investments you will make. With flexible HVAC financing options, you can have
a new, energy-efficient heating & cooling system with the comfort you deserve.


The benefits of our HVAC financing programs are:

  • Convenient monthly payments

  • No prepayment penalty

  • Competitive interest rates when you take advantage of special terms

With Illinois summer temperatures averaging higher and higher every year, 了解为你的家庭或企业安装一个新的空调机组的好处是很重要的. Here at our company, 我们帮助您做出最好的选择,关于您的新空调更换单元和选择,将最适合您. 我们的目标是确保您得到最好的uedbet快乐彩基于您的家庭需求和您的预算.

Free Comfort Consultation on any Air Conditioner Replacement and Installation


我们训练有素的专家首先会来到您的家或企业,测量您当前系统的性能,然后根据他们的发现和您的需求提出建议. This is a great time to get HVAC pro advise, 作为您的空调和冷却技术专家是有回答您的所有问题. 你的空调更换的预定预约可以安排在那时和那里. Typically, 安装空调设备只需要6到10个小时,我们有足够的灵活性来配合你们的安排.

用新的、节能的型号来替换你的旧的加热和冷却设备是一个很好的开始. 但为了确保您得到最好的性能,新设备必须正确安装. In fact, 不正确的安装可能会降低系统效率高达30%——你的水电账单上的更多成本,并可能缩短设备的寿命.

Aircor air conditioning and heating, Inc., follows and meets the energy start quality Installation guidelines. 能源启动指南是基于美国空调承包商(ACCA)的质量安装规范. Our professional comfort advisers and installation technicians will do the following:

Proper Equipment Sizing

为家庭安装合适大小的设备是获得最佳性能和舒适度的必要条件. 许多房主认为,在购买新的供暖和制冷设备时,越大越好. In reality, 一个太大的系统不会让你的家舒适,因为频繁的“开/关”循环. 不正确的尺寸也会对系统部件造成压力,缩短设备的寿命.

Sealing Ductwork Joins

帮助确保您的新系统将加热或冷却的空气输送到您家里的所有房间, 我们的uedbet娱乐平台舒适顾问和安装技术人员将评估您的管道系统,以确定泄漏, and then seal them using mastic, metal-backed tape, or an aerosol-based sealant. 在某些情况下,你的承包商可能会建议你更换或增加管道.

Ensuring Proper Levels of Refrigerant Charge 

不正确的制冷剂水平会使效率降低5 - 20%,并最终导致部件过早失效, resulting in costly repairs. 我们的uedbet娱乐平台安装技术人员将验证系统中的制冷剂水平是否正确.

Optimizing Blower’s Air Flow

If airflow in your heating and cooling system is too high or too low, you may experience comfort problems and higher utility bills. 我们的uedbet娱乐平台团队将测试空气流量,并作出任何必要的调整,以获得最佳性能.

When purchasing heating and cooling equipment, choosing energy-efficient products is a step in the right direction. Aircor Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc., 我们理解了这些因素的重要性,确保你们的设备尺寸和安装正确,以确保你们的新系统以最佳效率运行.

为您提供免费空调uedbet娱乐平台咨询,无论您是需要空调维修还是需要更换 High Efficiency Air Conditioner replacement cooling unit, call Aircor Air Conditioning and Heating today at (773) 800-1777. We are an American Standard Dealer.